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Affordable Real Estate Options in Dubai for Middle Income Families

29 Aug 2023

Affordable Real Estate Options in Dubai for Middle Income Families 

Dubai real estate seems highly expensive with a large number of luxury properties being sold at higher rates, leaving middle income families with a few options to choose from.  As a result, the population earning between AED 15,000 to AED 30,000 per month find it difficult to buy a property that fits their budget.  

However, with the right research, one can find some affordable real estate options in Dubai for middle-income families and enjoy an upgraded lifestyle in the city of the future.  

To make things easy for you, we have compiled some of the best investment options for middle-income families in Dubai at one place. Here you go! 

BinGhatti Projects in Dubai 

BinGhatti projects are among the most affordable real estate investments for middle income families in Dubai. These projects have specifically targeted those earning between AED 15,000 to 30,000 monthly. BinGhatti developers are considered to be the main developers in Dubai Silicon Oasis, planning a new technology park with advanced infrastructure. Spanning over 7.2 Sq/km, the area is developed in a manner as to host over 160,000 residents.  

In addition to this, the projects include a number of parks, schools, and hospitals to facilitate the residents with state-of-the-art infrastructure. This means that middle-income families can easily invest and secure their future in the city of Dubai.  

Emaar South as an Affordable Real Estate Option in Dubai 

Emaar South is another reasonable real estate option for investment in Dubai that is best for both rental and investment purposes. As the project is located away from the mainstream areas of Dubai, it is being rented out and sold for reasonable rates.  

For instance, a three-bedroom townhouse in Emaar South can be rented out for Dh85,000/year. This allows middle-income families to live a financially sustainable lifestyle in the beautiful city of Dubai.  

Damac Hills 2 

Damac Hills 2 is recently being considered as an affordable real estate option in Dubai because it is a new real estate venture that will eventually witness skyrocketing rates in the near future. As a result, investors are now flocking towards this new project by Damac properties, and high returns are expected in a few months.  

Currently, a middle-income family can easily rent a three-bedroom townhouse at a starting price of approximately Dh60,000/year. This means that this is a much more affordable real estate option in Dubai for middle-income families.  

Jumeirah Village Circle 

If you’re looking for the most family friendly as well as reasonably priced real estate option in Dubai, Jumeirah Village Circle is a good option. This project has over 30 green landscapes parks and a number of hospitals and educational facilities as well.  

As the project is close to Dubai Marine and JLT, it makes it convenient for you to commute to the city. The average rental price for a two-bedroom apartment is below Dh73,000, and hence, middle income families can choose this as an affordable real estate option in Dubai for middle-income families.  

Sports City Dubai 

Sports City is yet another investment choice that is considered affordable for middle-income families. The price of a two-bedroom apartment in this project is around Dh 80,000/year, making it a reasonable choice for investors coming in from middle-class backgrounds. The project has a number of amenities and facilities including Dwight School Dubai and Wonder Years Nursery as well as Victory Heights Primary School and Renaissance School. 

List of Affordable Real Estate Options in Dubai

Jumeirah Lake TowerDh96,000
Sports CityDh80,000
Damac Hills 2Dh60,000
Jumeirah Village CircleDh73,000
Emaar SouthDh70,000
Bur DubaiDh70,000
Discovery GardensDh72,000

Please note that the rental prices are in Dh (Dirhams), and these figures represent the average annual rental prices for 2-bedroom apartments in each of the listed projects in Dubai for the year 2023.