Dubai Breaks Records! Dh 5.8 Billion Real Estate Surge in Just 5 Days!

09 Jan 2024

N7 Real Estate bring you the latest real estate marvel from the heart of luxury, Dubai! The Dubai Land Department (DLD) reports an astonishing Dh5.8 billion surge in real estate transactions over just 5 days, marking an impressive start to 2024! 

Highlights of the Week 

The city is buzzing with excitement. Let’s look at the highlights of the first week of 2024.  

Unprecedented Transactions 

In the first week of January 2024, a whopping 1,721 real estate and property transactions took place, creating a buzz of excitement. The numbers speak volumes about the dynamic real estate landscape in Dubai. This sets a new benchmark for the city's real estate dynamism. 

Striking Plot Sales 

The demand for prime land is at an all-time high, with 114 plots changing hands, contributing to an impressive Dh1.36 billion in sales. Dubai's landscape is evolving; you don't want to miss the details. 

Top Three Transactions 

The real estate giants made headlines! Leading the pack were three remarkable deals: 

  • Al Thanyah Fifth witnessed a groundbreaking sale of land for Dh268.33 million. 
  • Warsan Fourth secured a deal worth Dh113.9 million. 
  • Palm Jebel Ali claimed third place with a transaction value of Dh65.26 million. 

Hotspots of Activity 

Madinat Hind 4 stole the spotlight with 18 sales transactions totalling Dh20.57 million, followed closely by Palm Jabel Ali and Saih Shuaib 1. It gives us a glimpse into the thriving pockets of Dubai. 

Luxury Living Takes Center Stage 

The epitome of luxury unfolded with jaw-dropping transfers. For apartments and villas, the top three transfers included a lavish Dh110.01 million deal in Al Thanyah First, along with two others at Dh62 million and Dh56.4 million in Palm Jumeirah. 

Mortgaged Marvels 

Dubai's real estate isn't just about buying; it's about investing. Properties worth Dh779.4 million were mortgaged, with the highest mortgage hitting Dh125 million for a prestigious land in Al Hamriya. 

Family Ties in Real Estate 

The warmth of family extends to real estate, as 98 properties were granted between first-degree relatives, creating bonds worth Dh617 million. 

Dubai's real estate landscape continues to redefine luxury and set new benchmarks. Stay tuned as N7 keeps you at the forefront of this captivating journey! 

Dubai: The Perfect to Live 

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