Real Estate Company in Dubai

The Ultimate Checklist for Selecting a Real Estate Company in Dubai

26 Sep 2023

Real Estate Company in Dubai

Buying, selling, or renting property in Dubai can be a complex process. With hundreds of real estate agencies to choose from, for selecting a real estate company in Dubai becomes quite difficult. You want an agency that is reputable, knowledgeable, and able to deliver exceptional service. 

When researching real estate companies in Dubai, keep this checklist in mind:

Research the company’s background and reputation

When selecting a real estate company in Dubai, look for one that has an extensive history and track record in Dubai. Ideal agencies should have 10+ years of experience buying, selling, and renting properties successfully. 

Dig into their reputation online by reading through reviews on Google, Facebook, and other review sites. Look for consistent positive feedback and satisfaction ratings from past clients. Check what other people are saying about their customer service, market knowledge, negotiation skills, and overall competency. 

Also, see if the company has received any noteworthy awards or recognition in the real estate industry. Testimonials on the company's website can offer useful insight too. Reputable agencies should have no shortage of glowing reviews and recommendations to showcase. An established, well-known name in Dubai real estate is a good sign.

Ensure the company is licensed by the Dubai Land Department

It's essential that you select a real estate firm that has a valid brokerage license issued by the Dubai Land Department. This helps ensure they are operating a legal, compliant business with accredited agents. 

Licensed companies have met certain standards and legal requirements mandated by the DLD. Their brokers and agents have undergone proper training and certification too.

Check that the registration and licensing details are all current. You can even verify their status directly on the DLD website for added peace of mind. 

Unlicensed companies should be avoided, as you'll have less recourse and protection working with them. With a licensed agency, you can rest assured that all regulations are being followed.

Consider the location and properties they specialize in 

Look for real estate agencies that are highly knowledgeable about the specific neighborhoods or communities you are targeting. This local expertise is invaluable. The agents should have extensive experience buying, selling, and renting properties in those exact areas.

Ideally, the agency should have multiple specialists dedicated to your locations of interest. They will have a deep understanding of pricing, market demand, what buyers/renters want, and what makes properties sell/rent quickly there. 

Before selecting an agency, browse their property listings online or in person. Verify they regularly deal in the type of property you want to buy/sell/rent. If you only see expensive villas and your budget is for apartments, that mismatch is a red flag.

Assess their online presence

Today's real estate agencies need to have a modern, attractive website showcasing their services, listings, and strengths. It should be easy to navigate and find what you need. Mobile-friendliness is a must.

Check that the company regularly posts property listings on high-traffic portals like Bayut, Dubizzle, and Property Finder. Widespread online visibility is crucial for attracting buyers or renters. The more eyes that see your property, the better.

Evaluate customer service

You want an agency that is responsive, attentive, and easy to communicate with. Once you inquire about their services, they should follow up on time. 

When you contact them with questions later on, you should reach a helpful agent promptly. Look for patient agents, listen well, and explain things clearly for you.

Top agencies have systems and procedures to ensure fast, high-quality customer service around the clock. Their agents strive to develop positive relationships with clients through regular communication and unwavering professionalism.

Look for full-service support

Some real estate agencies in Dubai provide more than just property sales and rentals. They offer seamless end-to-end solutions.

For example, many agencies have in-house mortgage advisers to help you secure financing smoothly. Some even have partnerships with banks to get clients preferential rates and fast approvals.

Other companies offer conveyancing services, to handle all legal aspects of the property transaction for you. This can minimize paperwork hassles.

Additionally, various companies provide ongoing property management and maintenance. This can be extremely helpful for landlords and tenants.

Think about what other services beyond sales/rentals would be useful to you. Then look for agencies that can provide that full suite of support under one roof.

Schedule consultations with agents

Don't just rely on an agency's website and online presence. Make time to meet face-to-face with one or more of their agents for a personalized consultation.

This will allow you to properly evaluate the agent's knowledge of the market, neighborhoods, and type of property you want. See if their experience level matches your needs.

Pay close attention to their communication style as you discuss your real estate goals. Do they listen attentively? Are they clear and thorough when explaining things? Can you easily understand them?

Lastly, notice if your personalities seem compatible. Do you feel comfortable asking them questions? Is the rapport smooth? Finding an agent you click with can make the process much easier.

Take your time shopping around for the right agent/agency duo. Scheduling consultations is the best way to identify one that's a great fit.

Compare service fees and commissions

When evaluating real estate agencies, carefully compare their service fees and sales/leasing commissions. Get complete written breakdowns of all charges from each agency.

Fees can vary greatly, so this data is important. However, resist choosing an agency solely based on the cheapest fees. Factors like experience and customer service matter more for successful outcomes.

Ask about their marketing strategy

If you are selling or leasing out property, ask agencies extensive questions about how they will market and advertise it.

Look for agencies with comprehensive digital marketing expertise. Ask about their use of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, and more. Video tours and professional photography should be utilized too.

Traditional advertising methods like signage, print ads in newspapers/magazines, and flyer distribution might also be employed. The more marketing channels and techniques, the better.

Request client references

Any reputable real estate agency should have numerous satisfied clients willing to vouch for them. Don't hesitate to ask for references you can directly contact.

Speaking to their past clients gives you unfiltered, transparent feedback. Ask about overall satisfaction, agent competence, challenges faced, and outcomes. Verifying great references helps ensure you'll be in good hands.


Finding the right Real Estate company in Dubai takes diligence and using this checklist. But taking the time to be thorough means you can feel confident you made the optimal choice. Having the right company as your ally makes a tremendous difference when buying, selling, or renting property in Dubai. Do your research and partner with a top-notch agency for success.


Q: How do I find the best real estate agencies in Dubai?

Start by researching agencies online and checking reviews. Look for long-established companies with licenses from the Dubai Land Department. Ask friends and colleagues for referrals too. Compile a list of top contenders to further evaluate.

Q: What questions should I ask when interviewing real estate agencies?

Key questions include - How long have you been in business? What areas/properties are you most experienced with? How will you market my property? What are your fees and commissions? Can you provide past client references? Their responses will help assess expertise.

Q: Should I just work with the agency that has the cheapest fees?

No, fees should not be the deciding factor. Focus more on reputation, area knowledge, marketing reach, customer service, and sales/leasing track record. Paying slightly higher fees for superior service is worthwhile.

Q: What questions should I ask agents during consultations?

 Ask them about their background, experience with properties like yours, neighborhood expertise, marketing tactics, communication style, previous client success stories, and overall working approach. Go with someone you establish a good rapport with.

Q: How can I verify a real estate agency is licensed in Dubai? 

Visit the Dubai Land Department's website where you can search for agencies by name and validate their license status. This ensures they are accredited and legal to work with.