Penthouses in Dubai

Penthouses for Sale in Dubai

11 Oct 2023

Dubai Luxury Penthouses

Imagine waking up to the serene skies and calming breeze of Dubai. Translate this wonderful experience into reality by getting your penthouse in Dubai. The home of your dreams beckons you so, quit the dilemmas of decision-making and get the key to your penthouse right now. Dubai are the most glorious living spaces to ever exist. With the introduction of initiatives like Golden Visa a huge chunk of the population is speculated to reach Dubai. This surge in numbers corresponds to a rise in urgency for acquiring housing. Therefore, penthouses can be the most suitable option. It's your chance to experience luxury with comfort. 

Top 8 Dubai Penthouses for Sale 

Following are the most lavish Dubai penthouses for sale. 

Tria Penthouses Dubai Silicon Oasis 

The project of Deyaar developers is an extraordinary living experience. Nestled in the heart of Dubai Silicon Oasis, Tria Penthouses promises to reshape your perceptions and bring you a unique living opportunity. The glass façade covering the building reflects the bright sun rays. The waterfront lying at the front provides picturesque scenery.  

The light glistening on the water cheers you up your mood. The gems of Dubai, Burj Khalifa, and the tallest skyscrapers lie around the building. You get to marvel at the heights of this majestic building from your penthouse terrace. The bold and ultra-modern design is highly functional and strives to bring convenience at every step.  

The building has a range of amenities that enhance the quality of your lifestyle. These include the swimming pool that takes you on a trip in the clouds. The fitness center is open to residents all the time. It has numerous coaches and equipment on board to help you with your fitness journey.  

The spas and wellness centers demonstrate professional services and are determined to revitalize your body and senses. Entertainment lounges and karaoke rooms never fail to startle you with amazement. The welcoming and highly adorned lobbies astonish your guests and naturally evoke appreciation from them.  

Sustainability is a preference at Trillionaire Residence. You will find several botanical gardens and spaces curated around nature. These steps help the building minimize its carbon footprint and bring a viable and sustainable living experience.  

The penthouse features 3-bedroom studios. You can customize them according to your taste. These are spacious enough to incorporate all kinds of furniture and decor. So, unleash your imaginative power and alter the penthouse according to your aesthetics.  

You can also create a patio and sitting area on the outdoor terrace. Install a swing or harvest your garden because the sky is the limit with this penthouse. 

LIV Residence Dubai Marina 

The affluent neighborhood with sandy stretches, leisurely dining, and soothing waters presents you with a lifetime opportunity. Such chances are rare, and the regret becomes too enormous to bear if you miss them.  

The penthouse is the most luxurious and breathtaking experience. Residing in the center of Dubai Marina the most sought-after region in the whole of Dubai, LIV Residence penthouses are the most charming living spaces. Every penthouse has specific features that only appeal to homemakers seeking a long-term commitment.  

The penthouses are designed with a meticulous approach to prioritize the lifestyle of the residents. Quality materials and well-developed interior design elements make this apartment the most fitting option. Every corner of the penthouse is a testament to precision and refinement.  

The views of the penthouse teleport you to the highest heaven. The glorious skies and surrounding beaches captivate you. The bewitching sensation might make you want to spend the entire evening appreciating the brilliant jewels of nature around you. Benefiting your well-being, LIV residence brings you a balanced lifestyle.  

Space creates the harmony your soul strives for and brings you the tranquility your mind has longed for. The project of Liv Lux is ready to be in your home. Onboarding the most established experts in its fitness centers, spas, and wellness retreats, Liv Residences intends to transform lives.  

The home automation systems can manage the lighting, heating, and temperature settings of your penthouse. Moreover, the security systems recognizing the residents ensure that unauthorized personnel remain out of the territory.  

The continuous surveillance of the building maximizes your security and safety. The penthouse features efficient appliances to minimize energy usage and promote environmental stability. Moreover, the rainwater harvesting systems help the building save water and follow the principles of sustainability. 

Banyan Tree Residence Hillside 

The project of the Devmark Developers is the most extravagant living experience. Centered in the hillside the most luxurious neighborhood of Dubai, Banyan tree penthouses can be your most prized possession.  

The living community blends all the elements of nature and urban lifestyle. The contemporary living conditions. As the name suggests, the penthouses follow a particular theme. The target is to create an eco-friendly home. Therefore, you notice considerable advancements in your mental well-being. Moreover, the surrounding landscape is another aspect that further soothes your mind and enhances the quality of your life. 

The penthouse features four bedrooms with extensive spaces. You can settle in with your family. Or even set up a working space. With such views at the corner, your work-life balance becomes too good to be true. You never feel lethargic or stressed out just a glimpse at the views outside can recharge you.  

Every day at the penthouse refreshes your mind and body. Moreover, with numerous amenities on board, your physical and mental health gets consistently better. The luxurious swimming pools with cooling waters to mitigate the heat can help you unwind and relax.  

A deep dive in the clean waters helps you battle the mental fog. The exquisite facilities and spa can take away your worries after a long day at work. The unmatchable concierge services are your leverage to get away from managing the day-to-day hustles.  

They can arrange transportation, reservations, and even event organization or management on your behalf. These personalized agents know exactly what you need and never fail to deliver. The fitness center can help you develop a routine for your body and maximize its metabolism and functions. Designed according to your needs, your private gardens can be your sanctuary from the chaotic urban life. 

Oceano Penthouses Al-Marjan 

The highly embellished building is filled with opulent penthouses. The three-tower building offers you a range of penthouses and villas. You get the chance to exercise your preferences at these apartments. Situated on the most esteemed island of Ras Al-Khaimah, Oceano penthouses are a valuable asset of the city.  

The island of Al-Marjan with its waterfront promenade and beaches serves as the most precious neighborhood for the Oceano penthouses. The sight will beguile your senses. The Arabian Gulf passes through the island and furnishes it with the crustal clear blue-green waters. Duplex penthouses, Skyy villas, and apartments are all available in the Oceano Residences.  

The Oceano penthouse features 4 bedrooms. These are spacious enough to incorporate the elements of your inclinations. The architectural marvel of Luxe Developers is the most desirable living space in Al-Marjan.  

At these penthouses, you get access to private beaches where you can organize get-togethers. You can invite people and keep the entire event exclusive. At your private beach, you can perform the activities you are passionate about. These may include karaoke, bonfires, luncheons, and swims.  

The gymnasium features all kinds of equipment and games to keep you occupied and active. Helping you prioritize your body and mental fitness; it assists you in achieving vitality. The saunas help you relax in the heat. It calms down your muscles and soothes any mental fatigue that you may have.  

The infinity pools help you get a glimpse of the sky and the clouds as you bathe in clear and cold waters. You get to witness the urban lifestyle and city lights with your swing at the infinity pools. The cigar lounges are curated to your preferences. With fellow residents having the same taste you not only get to have a leisurely cigar session but can also bond on common interests. 

Mina Penthouses Palm Jumeirah 

Located in the most attractive area of Dubai, Palm Jumeirah, the Mina Penthouses are the dream of every person out there. With glitzy hotels, cool waters, and elegant skyscrapers around, palm Jumeirah is the destination you always want to live at.  

Azizi mina penthouses are surrounded by the waterfront and sand beaches. The sparkling sunlight glistens through the reflected glass of your penthouse. This transforms your morning into a divine experience. The penthouse features 3 bedrooms.  

You can transform them into studios, or workspaces or turn them into a pedestal for your hobbies. With private gardens on site, you can have a walk-in peace, read a book, and interact with nature. Let its beauty broaden your horizons and open up your mind. With the numerous retail outlets on board, you get to experience the shopping extravaganza.  

Infinity pools on the top take you into the clouds. As you get lost in the haze the bustling city presents another indulging opportunity. You can have direct access to the Palm-Jumeirah beaches through the penthouse. The array of restaurants and cafes brings you a global dining experience that will widen your palates. The cutting-edge gymnasium can cultivate the sportsmen's spirit in you. It can help you focus on your body and also work on your mental well-being. 

Bayview Penthouses Emaar Beachfront 

The intellectual feat is the result of diligent work and planning of Emaar. One of the leading real estate developers in Dubai, Emaar, has also produced another exciting project for global citizens. The crown jewel is centered around the Emaar beachfront community.  

The position tells a lot about the views that you can witness from the penthouse. The building harbors one of the biggest penthouses in Dubai. You can find 4 and even 6-bedroom houses. You can utilize the space according to your requirements. However, it is even suitable for fitting in large families. The building surpasses all the established standards of luxury.  

It provides its residents with furnished and embellished apartments. Sophistication is primal at these penthouses. With the Emaar beachfront near the building, a plethora of water sports open up to you. You can swiftly hop onto the beach and get to any game of your liking. The infinite pools wash off all the stress and anxiety piled up in your mind.  

The secluded BBQ area provides you with a room to have leisure time with your friends and family. With dozens of fine dining restaurants and cafés nearby you can have a global culinary trip. 

Vela Penthouses Business Bay 

The legendary penthouses are also present in the middle of Business Bay. They are one of the prestigious elements that contribute to the reputation of Business Bay. In the glorious neighborhood of marsi bay, you can find stunning penthouses with 4 and 5 bedrooms.  

The building is an architectural masterpiece, and the interiors are the epitome of excellence. The 30-storey building has L-shaped wrap-around pools. The panoramic view brings the entire coastline and beachfront of Dubai to your terrace. The exquisite salon at the Vela Penthouses allows you to invest in yourself. Grooming your hair, face, and body according to your personality can add the spark you need.  

You don’t have to rush to the salon for the last-minute preps. Just head down in the building and pamper yourself. The well-designed meeting rooms can help you conduct any work-oriented sessions.  

You can carry out your tasks without any distractions in these highly equipped meeting rooms. The cinemas provide you with entertainment and lighten your mood. The beach clubs and three-trip height gyms are lavish and provide you with the chance to unwind and relax. You can focus on your mind and body in these retreats. 

Noora Penthouses Business Bay 

One of the most refined penthouses for sale in Dubai presents you with an exceptional living standard. Noora penthouse is the project of Al-Habtoor developers. The engineering firm has meticulously designed the towers and tailored them to perfection.  

The penthouses align with every resident’s inclination. The tower based on 73 floors leads you straight to the Sheikh Zayed Road. The penthouse offers you 4 to 7 bedrooms. These are sufficient for family, guests, and gatherings. The Rooftop infinity pool can help you seek refuge in calm clear waters.  

The spa and wellness retreat can help you create harmony between your mind and soul. You can perform your entrepreneurial or work-related tasks in the business center. The artisan cafes provide you the beverages and cuisine from across the globe. These treat your palate with delectable and delightful flavors.  

The gymnasium and sports center can help you put your physical health on track. You can perform cardio and train your muscles using the highly efficient equipment available. The BBQ areas provide you with the most fulfilling dining experience with your friends and family. 

Buyer’s Guide for a Penthouse in Dubai 

You must keep the following factors in hindsight while looking for a Dubai penthouse for sale. 

Finding the Right Option 

To get a penthouse in Dubai you must know how it is different from other living units. A penthouse provides you with the view and is always on the highest stories in any building. Apartments and other residential units are surrounded by walls and are present on the lower and middle floors. Moreover, to get the right penthouse in Dubai you must ensure that the view is serene. It must have a beachfront and should be surrounded by green spaces. 

Finalizing the Document 

While buying, leasing, or purchasing a penthouse you must compile all the documents in a file. You must include your passport or national identity card. You must also have proof of income along with your employment letters. These documents help the second party ensure that you are a reliable person. 


Analyze the condition of the penthouse. Check the walls and floors. Also, look into water pipelines and see if they are functioning. Check the electricity and internal heating options. If your penthouse and automated operation option then your lifestyle will become highly convenient. Moreover, also look into the elevators and make sure they are completely functional. 

Perks of Having a Penthouse in Dubai 

Out of the various perks of living in a penthouse in Dubai, the following are the most exciting. 

Majestic Views 

The views of the Dubai skyline combined with Burj-Khalifa and beach fronts are worth every penny in the world. No matter where you live in the world, the landscape serves as a sufficient motive to move across the globe. 

Luxurious Lifestyle 

You get all kinds of amenities at these Dubai penthouses for sale. You do not have to manage your activities. You either have people helping you sort that out or you have certain centers. From concierge service to private beaches and gardens, these penthouses can be your safe haven. 

Prime Location 

All these Dubai penthouses for sale are in the center of the city. You can access all the major avenues from your penthouses. They lead directly to the highways. Therefore, you do not have to get lost in the city traffic or travel longer miles to reach anywhere. 


Dubai penthouses for sale present you with the chance to stop daydreaming and start living it. These lavish penthouses teleport you to the serenity of Paradise. N7 can help you achieve your goal. With the range of penthouses available, you can find the one that caters to your needs and suits your lifestyle.