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The Event of Legends with our Star Brett Lee

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The Dubai hosted an Event of Legends in the Dubai office. The event was focused to promote our Brand Ambassador, Brett Lee. The N7 team formally met the great legend Brett Lee and discussions over the interest of the clients were aligned.

The event took big hypes in the long discussion between CEO Adil Safdar and our Brand Ambassador Brett Lee. Knowledge was disseminated throughout the office for all employees, and the smallest details were raised to engage in best practices for customer wellness.

Brett Lee’s concerns in the event were mostly focused on versatile business practices in Dubai that make it difficult to operate with similar practices throughout. He further showed concerns about the ability of the teams in adapting the change for changing business practices in the city.

Managers from different departments cleared the concerns in the event and it was believed that the interests of Brett lee and the vision of N7 Real Estate are aligned. Everyone wanted a similar output from this companionship, i.e., the betterment of the clients.

The event ended with a lot of cricket gossip and cricket insights. The food was served, and the hope for a brighter future for the clients and the N7 family was everywhere in the office as an aroma.

Brett Lee showed interest in the visits to luxury properties, showed his full trust in N7, and signed to be the golden ball joined N7 Real Estate as Brand Ambassador.


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