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Glam and Beauty Coupled in Our Graceful Couple

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N7 hosted one of the most graceful couples in the Pakistan Media Industry, Sara Ali Khan and Falak Shabir. This couple has been always in the limelight, just like N7 itself. The couple and N7 together made the event an outstanding and eye-catching event for both the countries UAE and Pakistan.

The couple seemed pleased to be in N7. Their presence did bring a very pleasing environment for the whole office. The couple was briefed about the working of N7 Real Estate, our luxury properties, and the facilities that Dubai is providing to its residents.

The ladies’ gossip about the media industry was also observed while Falak Shabir was more focused on educating himself on the real estate sector of Dubai. The latest residential and commercial properties in Dubai were briefed, and stats such as ROIs, rental incomes, and major developments were discussed with Falak Shabir.

The event ended with a cake-cutting ceremony, and the coupled showed their full trust in N7 and believed that we are providing a promising future in the Real Estate market in Dubai.


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