Shaista Lodhi Visited N7 Dubai Office

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A Beauty That Inspires to Produce a Beautiful World

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The N7 was delighted to host a celebrity who is an actor, Physician, Television Presenter, and YouTuber, visited N7. Her visit created excitement all over the office. Her viewership is not limited to Pakistan, but global viewership is always observed due to her knowledge and immense experience in multiple sectors of life.

Her visit was solely based on understanding the market of Real Estate in Dubai. She showed an interest in real estate acquisition in Dubai and had a lot of doubt regarding it. The N7 team informed her of our work, showed her some of our luxury properties, and explained the amenities and characteristics of living in Dubai.

Furthermore, her concerns about different immigration policies were also briefed by the team managers. The team also discussed her life experiences and other aspects which are an inspiration for women’s empowerment.

Shaista Lodhi is a real example of women empowerment and holds a very firm status in society due to her vast skills-driven knowledge and her efforts for the community as a physician and a YouTuber.

The event ended with a tea break and gossip on the comparison of Pakistan and Dubai, and Shaista showed complete trust in N7’s operations.


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