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The Rawalpindi Express with the Same Pace at N7

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Shoaib is a man known for the pace in the history of cricket. But he made more fans with his personality around the globe. The N7 is obliged to host such a star and legend of today. What’s the point of having a possibility if we don’t talk of the living legend himself Shoaib Akhtar? His personality reflects the standards of N7. One of the fastest bowlers is also instantaneous regarding meet & greet.

Every employee of the office was so excited when they heard the news. Upon his arrival, everyone welcomed him with immense gratitude and love. To our surprise, the man showed an even warmer response and made us believe every word we have heard about him as a person.

Shoaib discussed new trends in real estate and new facilities being offered, and it never felt like we were sitting with a celebrity that is too known as a legend to the world. He was rather polite and friendly and took an interest in discussing the future of Dubai and Australia in the real estate sector. Such amazing celebrities are the reasons N7 loves doing business.

His concerns for the clients were so genuine that it took only a moment for the N7 family to be comfortable with the office vibe as everyone was syncing on the same vision which is to provide the best to clients.

It was an honor to have Shoaib on board, and we look forward to seeing him more often.


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